yapyap is a real life perpetual social game.
This is your yap! You can't change it. It's permanent now. You love it.
i love it
Your yap has 3 features. Color, Shape, and Style.
Your Color is , your Shape is the Shape, and your Style is the Style.
Your yap and a friend's may have common features- or maybe not!
how do i play?
Your goal is to complete challenges by finding people with yaps that match your challenge.
example, please
Here's an example challenge. There's no shape or color in this challenge, only the feature: the Folded Corner. To beat this challenge, all you need to do is find anyone whose yap has a folded corner.
how do i play?
Tap the yap shown in the challenge to get a text description of the challenge. To beat this challenge, you'd have to find someone with a Blue yap with a Ring. By the way- keys change every 20 seconds. Enter the key 8023 in the key to begin.
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Unique Yaps Found: yap

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if you were curious...(which you seem to be)
👋 hi! i'm ben, i made yap. i'm a student in worcester, ma.